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The Association of Neurovascular Clinicians (ANVC) is an organization of stroke professionals dedicated to improving quality and access to acute stroke care. The organization was formed to meet the needs of interdisciplinary health professionals engaged in the care of stroke patients, and is the only stroke-specific professional membership organization for non-physicians in the world. READ MORE #becausestrokepatientsdeservenothingless

ANVC Stroke clinician of the year

Nominations for the ANVC Stroke Clinician of the Year is open now, so submit your nominee! This year's theme is Leadership Through the Storm. We are looking for clinicians who have been a shining light in the recent dark times. Someone who has gone out of their way to try and improve their workplace or who has been a stalwart, creating a calm, harmonious environment. Someone who has pulled the team together, collaborated, networked and produced great patient outcomes, because stroke patients deserve nothing less.

Self-nominations are welcome! Click HERE for the nomination form.

The winner will receive a plaque recognizing their achievement, free registration to the Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 11-12th and a $1,000 USD honorarium courtesy of the Health Outcomes Institute.

Please click HERE  for full terms and conditions and details of nominations.

Certification Programs

Professional Certification in Acute Neurovascular Care Certification programs enable recognition of clinician attainment of knowledge and skills that promote excellence in patients care and safety. ANVC’s magnet recognized certification programs provide basic nursing and advanced practice clinicians with the opportunity to showcase their expertise in acute neurovascular practice. All certification examinations and resources are published in English only. Certification examination fees are offered at a discounted price to ANVC members.


The Neurovascular Registered Nurse board certification examination is the only certification for registered nurses that focuses exclusively on acute neurovascular care. LEARN MORE


The Advanced Neurovascular Practitioner board certified examination is the premier certification in acute neurovascular clinical practice for non-physician, advanced practice clinicians. LEARN MORE


The Advanced Stroke Coordinator board certification examination is the only certification for stroke coordinators that recognizes the unique and essential contributions of a stroke coordinator. LEARN MORE


The Certified Neurointerventional Clinician (CNIC) board certification ex-amination was developed to recognize the unique and essential contributions of clinicians in neurointerventional radiology. LEARN MORE

NVC-3 Certification

ANVC Membership

ANVC Events

Join us in Las Vegas for the 2023 annual conference!

We are excited for you to join us for a our live in-person conference in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa. This conference is focused on provision of state-of-the-science, acute stroke clinical and imaging-based diagnosis, methods for determination of stroke pathogenic mechanism, acute treatment decision making, complication avoidance methods, and both primary and secondary prevention. The educational program focuses on the needs of acute and subacute stroke patients as managed by stroke system managers, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, physician assistants, stroke coordinators, stroke educators, and bedside stroke nurses. Click here to learn more and register!

Get involved with anvc

Neurovascular clinicians depend on ANVC to empower them with knowledge and skills, because our patients deserve nothing less. By joining ANVC and getting involved in the organization's activities, you too can play a role in empowering clinicians across the globe that fully support the holistic needs of patients and their families. A few ways to get involved are:


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