Please congratulate Australia's FIRST NVRN board certified nurses!

These nurses became the first ever NVRN-certified nurses in Australia in the summer — wait, it was winter there, let's just call it August — of 2017.

Gai Meade, NVRN-BC
Kim Parrey, NVRN-BC
Maame Amma Owusu, NVRN-BC
Kirsty Page, NVRN-BC
Haylee Berrill, NVRN-BC
Rachel Dunstan, NVRN-BC
Donna Jay, NVRN-BC
Rachael MacKinnon, NVRN-BC
Tim Richardson, NVRN-BC
Alana Webster, NVRN-BC
Arelie Solano, NVRN-BC
Lauren Pesavento, NVRN-BC
Chloe Gough, NVRN-BC
Richard Trent, NVRN-BC

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