Board Bio - Rhonda Finnie

  • Neurosurgery NP – I follow the ICU patients, see new consults in the hospital and in the ED, teach ICU courses as needed, precept acute care NP students, and  lead the Advanced Practice Provider Council.
  • I was very proud to have been elected to the ANA Congress of Nursing Practice and Economics in 2010 and suggested that we work on describing care coordination as an essential function of nursing. It was an invisible part of nursing practice and every discipline was trying to claim it because of the Affordable Care Act. I was elected and finished the work in 2012. I was the only person on the elected committee without a graduate degree and yet I made a difference. It’s difficult to believe that this was 10 years ago!
  • My most recent accomplishment was organizing the Advanced Practice Provider Council and after our TJC review, was advised to submit some of our initiatives to the Joint Commission Library.
  • My father was a drill instructor during the Korean conflict. After listening to one of his stories when I was 7 or 8 years old, I asked him why his men followed him. He told me, “They respected me.” I must have looked confused because he continued, “You can never demand respect. You can only earn it.” I never forgot that.
  • I am a homebody outside of work. I live quite a distance from work and when I’m home. I’m home. I want to cook all day during the winter and during the summer, work out in my yard. Also, my husband and I are in the process of renovating my house…need I say more?
  • I have worked in neurosurgery for most of my career because of my friend, Sharon Aureli. When she was the stroke coordinator at our hospital, she really need some help and I was fortunate to have that opportunity. She is the Lucy to my Ethel. When I speak to new nurses or to nursing students, I always tell them to find a partner who makes them better and inspires them to do things they would never do on their own. I always think of the Candy Factory episode in the “I Love Lucy” series and I just laugh because that is exactly how Sharon and I have done things. After all, how difficult can trying something new be? 
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