Board Bio - Alicia Richardson

My name is Alicia Richardson, and I am a Clinical Nurse Specialist for a Comprehensive Stroke Center Program. I currently work alongside our Stroke Coordinator—continuously working on program development, education, quality improvement, research, and stroke data.

One professional accomplishment I am proud of is Being a part of the ANVC Board! It has been inspiring to have the opportunity to work alongside such a great group of stroke practitioners with similar drive and motivation.  

My values are honesty and a hard work ethic. I have never been shy and am not afraid to speak up for the things I believe in, even it means having tough conversations.  I will work hard for anything I am passionate about, and this has been true in my career as I don’t give up easily on something just because it may be difficult-- especially if impacts patient care.   

Outside of work, I am an uber driver for 3 small kids. Twins who are 7 and a 5 year old- who consume this current motherhood stage of my life. They are spunky individuals, who keep me laughing every day. I love to travel and would gladly live on nothing if it meant I could travel the world. I also enjoy yoga, it helps my constantly on the go mind and remember to practice self-care. I love food and sleep, I know they are basics in life, but I REALLY love them. I could stay in bed all day if it was acceptable, but I am picky about the mattress and the pillow (so much so that I travel with my pillow) I also have to give a shout out to my great, supportive husband- we’ve been together since high-school, and were literally were in the same preschool class. He is a Chiropractor, but we joke that he should have been a Chef—which is where my love for good food comes in. I can cook, despite the rumors you may hear. 




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