Certification Exam Application Instructions


If you registered for an in-person course, certification testing may be offered on-site using a paper exam.

If you registered for a virtual course, certification testing can be performed at a Prometric test center near you.
Click here to see locations near you.

If you find that Prometric test center locations are inconvenient, virtual testing using remote proctoring can be arranged from your home or office.  To use remote proctoring, you must have a camera on your computer that is on at all times. 


Steps for Registering for an Exam:
(Paper and Prometric Test Centers or Prometric Remote Proctoring):

Step One:

Complete the application for the certification test you want to take.  Be sure to list your first and last name as well as mailing address EXACTLY as they are listed on your government issued ID (i.e. driver’s license); your identity will be verified by review of your government issued ID at the time of testing. Once your application is complete, submit the application to ANVC.

Step Two:

Pay for the certification test.


Step Three:

ANVC will review your application and qualifications to test (as listed on the certification test application).  Once approved, ANVC will pre-register you in the Prometric system (if you are using Prometric); if you are taking a paper test, ANVC will notify you via email that you are approved to take the test following the certification course.


Step Four (for Prometric applicants only):

Prometric will send you email notification that you are approved to test; this email will include a link to open the test scheduling page along with a unique username and password that identifies you in the Prometric system.


Step Five (for Prometric applicants only):

Login to the Prometric testing center and select your location (test center or remote proctoring), date, and time to test.


Notification of Results:

If you tested on a paper exam, your results will be emailed to you from ANVC no later than 6 weeks from your testing date.

If you tested using a Prometric test center or Prometric remote proctoring, your preliminary results will be provided to you immediately following test completion.  Prometric performs a quality review of your test over the next 48 hours and then notifies ANVC of the final results after this process is complete.  Once ANVC receives the final results from Prometric, ANVC will then email you your official results. 

For those that successfully pass their certification exam, ANVC will ask that you provide a mailing address for delivery of your certification pin.


ONLY HOME MAILING ADDRESSES WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR PIN DELIVERY (i.e. no work addresses or post office boxes).


Prometric test center and Prometric remote proctoring provide ANVC with a breakdown of areas of strength and weakness on test performance; should you be unsuccessful on the certification exam, Prometric will provide you with the breakdown of scores so that you may use it to guide your study for retesting.  Those taking the paper test will only receive an email informing them of whether they have passed or been unsuccessful on the certification exam.

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