ANVC’s Neurovascular Registered Nurse (NVRN) course is an established educational opportunity for nurses to advance their stroke knowledge. The 2 day course offers 13 CEU credits with 2.25 credits for pharmacology content. This course not only provides a comprehensive review in preparation for the NVRN board certification exam, but also helps nurses to become better clinicians and provide the best stroke care to their patients.

Testimonials from our course participants last year:

“This course was so informative, I feel like I learned more in a couple days then I have over the past year.”

“Great course, a lot of information but explained well. Speakers made the course material fun and interesting.”

“Excellent for A&P and cerebral vasculature to correlate to neurointerventional patients.”

“Through the review of this content, I am better able to understand radiology results and can correlate the patient's symptoms to what the imaging shows. I can also see the rationale behind ordering certain tests or medications.”

“The review prepared me for the exam & also gave me added knowledge to utilize in my everyday nursing practice.”

“This course was highly informative and the speakers were highly knowledgeable about the topic.”

“Although I thought the exam was very difficult, I felt that I learned a lot in this course. I walked away with a lot more knowledge then I knew prior.“

“The huge pro is that I walked away learning a lot! And even if I don't pass, I am so glad I took this course and hope to still apply it to my job. Thank you!!”

“I feel that the class had exceeded my expectations and I learned more information than I had expected.”

“I now have a better understanding of neuro deficits based on the location of the stroke.”

“This course strengthened my pharmacology and critical thinking course. All around, my practice will be changed, as I know have a strong foundation in the content to allow me to advocate for my patients.”

“I will be approaching stroke patients differently now that I have taken the class, as I have learned to use more critical thinking and more analytical in realizing what type of stroke a patient may be suffering for them, what assessments are best for the client, complications to keep in mind with each type of stroke, and care tips.”

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